teaching practice

  1. procedure of teaching

I was taught to begin the class with prayers and checking attendance . so, I was always do that things, then begin with my lesson. first thing first, I have to review last lesson, to check if they still remember it, then I continue to the review of the main topic by giving them activities or video. After, we will discuss about the topic, then have another activities. After I finished my discussion, I have to conclude our topic, what did the students learn, and then i have to give them the evaluation test.

2. Time management and activities

I usually have only one hour per session, so I have to be quick, even though sometimes one hour is not enough for me. When its not enough to finish all of my lesson plan, I had to postpone it to tomorrow, because the other teachers are usually already in front of the class waiting for me hahaha. For the activities, I had to think a simple yet fun activities for my students, so usually I use role play and video.

3. Problem solving

because I teach high school, I dont have a lot of problems to solve because it is their duty to solve the problems I gave them. But when my students doesn’t understand what my topic is then its a problem for me, but then I always explain it in a very simple way and giving them daily life examples.

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