Summary and Suggestion

  1. The purpose of this program is basically to learn a new way of teaching from another country as well as to learn new culture. Well, if you asked if it meets my hoping or not, then my answer will be yes, because as I always said in my speech, that because f this program, I am a better teacher and a better person in every way. I learnt that the connection between teacher and the students are very important, we have to built a wall of trust so that it will be easier for us to introduce them to a new topic, and they will trust us as teachers. I learnt to be more interactive person, because they said that it is a requirement to be a teacher, I need to talk less but then in the same way I gave my students loads of activities for them to gain the knowledge.
  2. Procedure of practicum. it is basically the same procedure as in Indonesia. All teachers must really acknowledge all the topics so that when the students doesn’t understand the topic , you can explain it in various ways. With this program, I learnt to have a better procedure in teaching.
  3. Outcomes of the practicum. I think the outcomes of this practicum was really good, because the students learnt to speak english, then they learnt about new culture, new ways of teaching. Besides , my outcomes was really good as well, I learnt how to adapt and to survive in a new place.
  4. there was actually no challenges while I’m doing my program in the Philippines. the Filipino are all like Indonesians, and their culture are the same as well. thankfully, a lot of people there speaks English so it was not very hard for me t o communicate
  5. overall impressions and suggestions. there is no words that can describe my experience here in the Philippines, it was too fruitful. the only thing that needs improvements is the criteria or requirement of the participants, because one of my friend (David) is only in 3rd semester and it was really hard for him to adapt with the program. I mean, it has to be stricter, so that none of the participants will have any difficulties.

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