Pedagogical Contents

  1. Teaching methods

The teachers uses different approaches in teaching such as interactive approach in which she always ask questions to students in order to process learning. The teachers also uses the banking approach wherein she serves as the sole source of information for students learning.

2. Learning materials and innovations

The teacher uses the traditional method including the use of manila paper, cartolina and marker. she alsouses the modern way of preparing instructional materials including the use of technology like smart tv for the power point

3. sources of learning and technology used by the teachers

the sources of learning used by the teachers are the textbooks and prescribed learning materials by the school as well as the use of the worldwide web

4. Authentic assessment used by the teachers

the teachers use pretest which is given before the start of every unit lessons and the post test which is given after the lesson to evaluate if the students have learnt a lot or not. the teacher also give quizzes and other pen and paper tests as well as performance based activities provided with the rubric for scoring

5. Others

the teachers serve as the facilitators of the learning process and allow students to develop their critical thinking skill through varied activities and outputs.

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