Closing ceremony by the Capiz State University

on 4th of February, we had our closing ceremony at the main campus. the program starts at around 9. I couldn’t believe that it is finally our closing ceremony. we arrived there the first, then the students from Main campus, Dumarao and the last is the Thai students. we had a very private closing ceremony. Every participants has to perform a cultural performance, and we decided to perform an eastern (Papua to be exact) dance called Sajojo. At first there were opening speech from the president and vice president, then a video made by one of the coordinators about our journey here in the Philippines. the troops from Pontevedra (David, Pamela and I) got the last number to perform. When we were going to perform, everybody looked excited because out costume were made out of a plastic rope and we dressed like an Indonesian tribe. When we danced, we asked our mentors, CT and coordinators to come and join us, also the students from Indonesia, joined us. hahahaha. it was pretty fun! All of our mentors, CT and the president from our cooperating school were all there, we had loads of photos, we had fun but also we were sad because we are going back home very soon. It was our last time seeing the Thai Students and also the staff from the other campuses.

we’re graduating from Capiz State University haha!
Ma’am Naamie (my mentor!)

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