Final Demo

We went to the school at 7.30am even though there’s no class but we have to prepared for our final demo. My student arrived very early because they want to prepared themselves and they were so nervous because its was their first time doing that kind of thing. I played a game to make them feel better, we olayed some psychological game and then we were just talking and sharing, it was actually making them feel better. Sir Mike was also there to make sure everything was in its place, like for example, the tables and chairs and stuff like that. I was not nervous because I believe in my students, I believe that they will do great for our final demo, and they always said that I am a good teacher, and they believe in me.  I really love my students, because of them I am a better teacher an a better person (for real!). my schedule was at 10.00 am but the evaluators came late, so we had to do our final demo after lunch! The Uni gave my students some money so they could have their lunch, and our Cooperating teachers also the vice headmaster went to Capsu to have lunch. We met david at COEAS while we were having our lunch, he has done with his final demo. And he said that his final demo was great! Its making me more nervous, because it is the final thing to do in our exchange program, I had to do my best on that day! We went straight back to school after lunch, aand I had to prepare again all of my stuff, my students were already in the class room waiting for me, they were refreshed! After abour 20 mins, the evaluators and my mentors came to the school. I  immidiately start my final demo. I started with the opening of my subject which is all about rational choice. I gave my students a video about decision making and asked them whats the video is all about, then I gave them an activity which is a role play! I grouped them into 3, then I gave the situations for them to make a role play. I only gave them 5 minutes to disscus about the role play then onlyy 2 mintues for the performance. They did very well on the role play, because they understand my point. After that we began with our discussion, I asked them what is Rational and what is Choice, we answered me very enthustiastic, a lot of my students were very active on that thay, they always tried to answer my questions! After that I explained about rational choice theory based on their definition and also the dictionary definition, also on our last meeting, I gave them an assignment all about the strength and wekanesses of rational choice theory, so we can now discuss it in the final demo. I grouped them into 2 , to discuss and present the strength and weaknesses of rational choice theory. I gave them the evaluation test to see how far is their understanding about rational choice theory, and surprisingly, they had a good score! I think the evaluators enjoyed my demonstration, because they laughed when my students was playing the role play, and they look intrerested when I explain about rational choice theory. After my final demo, all of my students and I were very happy and satisfied! They said that it was the best moment for me to teach, and I had the best performance for them! I was so proud of my students, they kept saying im good and they always supports me. After our final demo, we went home with our mentors. We talked about our final demo at the hostel (David, Pamela and I), and it was very satisfying!

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